70% of consumers form a brand impression solely on your packaging.*

It’s crucial to get it right the first time.


Great packaging is more than a flashy design. It starts with an audience-centric brand that resonates beyond the shelf.

SSi is uniquely positioned to help companies launch their brand to the U.S. marketplace, connect with audiences, create packaging that converts, and use digital marketing to encourage brand loyalty.

*The Power of Packaging You Probably Didn’t Know About, July 2017

what we deliver

Design & Assortment

We help consumer brands make smarter decisions on packaging, product assortment, placement and community marketing.

The Loyalty Loop

Our customized audience connection map identifies your loyal customers, and helps you deliver targeted communication.

Go-To-Market Strategy

We translate your business goals into a marketing playbook with detailed instructions on which markets and audiences work for your brand, how to find them, and how get the sale.

Competitive Market Analysis

How unique is your product and packaging? Will you get noticed? We perform a competitive industry analysis so you know how your product and pricing will work in the market.

launch your product today

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