marketing insights

In today’s omni-digital world, brands need to interact with their customers directly on a personal level. Customers can sense authenticity through your brand’s voice and actions. That is why we deliver you insights and customer segmentations through a 360 degree lens. 

Brand Development

Creating your brand look and messaging inside and out

Graphic Design

Creating logos, websites, brochures and all your design needs

Audience Segmentation

Identifying customer personas and their media consumption habits

Go-To-Market Strategy

Strategizing and executing goal-driven digital and print marketing

Sales Strategy

Establishing sales lead funnels and results-driven marketing campaigns​

Media Outreach

Publicity for your company or products through media

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consumer insights

You don’t need consumers. You need loyal customers. With our unique experience in merchandising and marketing, we’re poised to help you do just that.

Customer Segmentation

Identifying consumer personas and their shopping habits

Loyalty Marketing

Turning casual shoppers into lifelong customers

Focus Groups and Polling

Discovering what your customers need from your brand

eCommerce Strategy

Communicating with your customers via online services

Cultural Product Placement

Identifying and mapping products based on ethnic preferences

Meal Program Development

Increasing basket size while benefiting customers

company insights

Many companies preach brand authenticity as their central marketing principle, but fail to recognize the inequity happening within their four walls. The outside (marketing) of your company now needs to match the inside (HR).

We offer these additional services with our partner DG Consulting Services:

Mission, Vision & Core Values

Developing your core values that keep employees engaged

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Ensuring your company reflects your diverse employee base

Employee Engagement

Creating a culture that ensures you have the very best on your staff

Key Messaging

Highlighting your values and making them a part of your company culture

Staffing & Retention

Vetting new employees while rewarding high performing ones

Leadership Training

Teaching soft skills for C-suite and upper management

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