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We measure our success based on your success. Which is why we are invested in positive results for your brand. Everything we do is measurable, so we can collectively track our plans with your goals.



how we developed a brand and defined a loyal audience

the problem

Web.com needed help defining and segmenting the customer of their register.com brand. In a commodity-based industry, they wanted to sell more than just domains and website building, they wanted to become a preferred company when it came to total web solutions for small business owners. The problem: they didn’t know who their most loyal customers were and what they valued.

the solution

  • Using surveys, focus groups, and first and third-party data, we conducted research on their current customers, competitors, and sister companies to understand their brand reputation, their role in the marketplace and how they stacked up to industry trends.
  • We built a brand connection guide, audience personas, strategic messaging, media platform development and customer journey mapping.
  • We developed lead generation, content planning, ad management and retargeting strategies to help them communicate with these audiences.

the results

12% increase

in customer growth immediately after rebrand launch

double digit growth

for first 6 months of rebrand



how we helped a community in need

the problem

The Jacksonville Jewish Federation had a problem: how do they communicate their mission when so many organizations around them appear to be doing the same good work? And with the economic and housing boom in the surrounding counties, they needed to engage wealthy donors new to the area to support their vital organization.

the solution

  • We identified a need for rebrand: with more of the community moving outside of the city, the organization name and mission needed to be inclusive of all areas they represent.
  • We then developed donation strategies for their three largest annual fundraisers, a social and content communication strategy to keep donors engaged, and executed a go-to-market pandemic relief plan.
  • We used storytelling opportunities and social media to increase donor engagement and donations.

the results

$100k in 1 month

quickly executed a pandemic relief digital campaign that supported community food and health services

140% increase

in donations and event attendance

in 4 hours

fundraised 10% of annual operating income



how we created customer loyalty

the problem

The Fresh Market created an upscale grocery experience with international foods their customers enjoyed from their travels abroad. But when it came to holidays and everyday kosher foods, their customers needed to look elsewhere to fill their pantry with these much needed offerings.

the solution

  • We conducted research on their current customers, competitors, and sister companies to understand their brand reputation, their role in the marketplace and how they stacked up to industry trends.
  • We created a list of items that are critical to their set, but were missing from stores in key markets..
  • We planned the set, and trained TFM staff how to execute.

the results

400% increase

in holiday item sales from the previous year

11% increase

in overall store foot traffic


how we improved cultural food selections to grow company sales

the problem

Winn-Dixie wanted to update their specialty and ethnic food assortments in all of their stores but despite their efforts, sales and traffic didn’t increase as expected. In order to fulfill their goal of winning every holiday, Winn-Dixie needed a detailed cultural merchandising and product placement plan.

the solution

  • We critically reviewed and assessed their assortment and pricing to be more closely aligned with customer needs and category trends.
  • We researched the different store groups and suggested locations and products based on the communities where stores are located, their proximity religious institutions and cultural centers and the ethnic backgrounds of their consumers.
  • We then suggested improved everyday grocery sets, seasonal merchandise assortment and promotional activity during key times of year.

the results

150% sales increase

in the international & ethnic food category

50% growth

in kosher own brands presence

33% increase

in frequency, +33% in dollars and +23% in units sold

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